The Bridge Bio Calcium Enriched Organic Oat Drink

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£1.99 1 L The Bridge Bio Calcium Enriched Organic Oat Drink

Bio Avena drink + calcium is the new 'The Bridge' drink made with oats. They have combined the properties of their oat drink, light and energizing, with the quality of seaweed (litoghamnion calcareum) which supply a high content of bioavailable calcium, easily assimilated by our bodies and essential for bone structure. Seaweed also brings a considerable quantity of magnesium an essential element for calcium absorption and other important elements.

This product is Organic and is Vegan.


Natural spring water, Organic oat (14%), Organic sunflower oil, Organic safflower oil, Seaweeds (lithothamnion calcareum) 0.4 %, Sea salt.

May contain traces of soy

Dairy-Free, No-GM, Kosher, Vegan, With no added sugars. Contains naturally occurring sugars

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— Pete, Sheffield

Another big thank-you for our amazing fruit and veg. It makes me so happy to be eating so well.

— Lucy, Bent's Green

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