Grizzly Grains Farmhouse Saison - Pear 6% 330ml

Grizzly Grains Brewing
£2.90 ea Grizzly Grains Farmhouse Saison - Pear 6% 330ml

The first of this years farmhouse saisons, brewed with some absolutely beautiful organic pears grown in Sheffield by Sheffield Organic Growers.

Worcester Black and Catillac pears where harvested in November 2022 and ripened in cold storage till March 2023, we use the pears in the boil with a few left to be used raw for extra tannins. After the boil all the pears are added in to the fermenter where the beers ferments slowly for 5 weeks on a French Saison yeast.

The finished beer has a bit pear aroma, smooth lager malt body and soft spice flavour from the yeast.

Perfect for drinking in the spring garden and pairs beautifully with cheese.

6% 330ml

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Another big thank-you for our amazing fruit and veg. It makes me so happy to be eating so well.

— Lucy, Bent's Green

Thanks for all of the work that you've been doing - tasty produce, community initiatives, and sustainable approaches. Excellent.

— Pete, Sheffield

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